Zach G.
Was just in here with a mistress of mine, the owners are great, and he let me try a spicy pepper. I grabbed a couple of pickles and they were delicious and fresh. My mistress liked it too. I will be back for more pickles and new mistresses.
Logan Fortune
Just recieved my order of horseradish pickles and pickled tomatoes. Absolutely the best damn pickle ever put in my mouth and the tomatoes are addicting. Got a customer for life!🤙 Logan Fortune
ilkay Uslu
Best pickle ever. Thank you very much.
Solely Solie
Tried it once at a fair in Fort Lee. Fell in love with their Dill pickles and now I go through spouts where I eat them obsessively for a few months and take a break for a few weeks. The only prepackaged thing that comes relatively close are the “snap” pickles that are like $2 for one. But these are still better. I wake up early and walk 2.5 miles to the farmers market only to buy pickles. I’ll probably end up with high blood pressure and a stroke but these pickles are worth it. I’m here for the good life not the long life anyhow
Joseph Barillari
They have the best pickles I have had anywhere, ever. They sell other stuff, too, but if they only sold kosher dill pickles and nothing else, I would go there anyway.
Marisa A. Martins
Met the great guys of Pickles and Olives today at the Chocolate Expo in Hartford, CT. What a great bunch of guys....so nice and such great customer service. The pickles were amazing!! Fresh, crunchy and yummy. Thank you for sharing!
Jessica B.
two words.. PICKLE HEAVEN. unbelievable.
Natasha U.
Randomly walking down 43rd Street in Hells Kitchen after a long day back from scuba diving, I saw the Pickles Olives, Etc guys with their tubs of pickles. I had to have some! Seems like we were at the right place at the right time, because we were also treated to a pickle tasting. We got to try all of their varieties to see which ones we liked the best. Full sour, half sour (new pickles), hot full sour, kosher dill and horseradish. I was already full at the end of the impromptu tasting but I was definitely ready to invest in some pickles! The quality was great, fresh, crunchy and yummy! We opted for the hot full sour and the regular full sour pickles since we couldn't decide. Now, at $7 for a quart, it was a steal. He squeezed in a lot of pickles in that container! Now, my love for pickles has been quenched! So delicious and crunchy with lots of flavor. Oh and the hot full sour really is spicy! Recommended!